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Lisburn BMX Club was founded in 2012 by a group of club members who used to race in the 80’s when BMX racing was at it’s prime in Ireland.

Through social media they got together and created the ‘Lisburn BMX Club’ with just 10 members and then went about building a BMX track. After some dead ends and new avenues, with the help from the Alpha Groundworks Programme, they where able to secure their 1st Alpha Grant and re-build the existing Lisburn BMX Track into a National grade BMX Track!
Skip hours, months and years of hard volunteer labour and dedication, the club has grown to have now over 100 members and is still today, the only National Standard BMX Track in the North of Ireland!

Lisburn BMX Club is host to BMX Ireland National Rounds, has won awards for holding the Event of the Year 2017 and Best Domestic Race of the Year 2018 racing calendars. We are also hosts to the regional BMX Ulster Championships each year.

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